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“The Adventures of Cosmos Crow


Wouldn't it be nice when trying to help someone, if you could have something that would help them "see" themselves and their problems as they are in reality without all the denial and defensiveness?


These Coping Skills Therapeutic Fables are designed to help all of us have happier more successful lives.


The Coping Skills’ fables and support material help you and your children understand how to develop good coping skills to effectively deal with various life issues at school and home. PDF: Click Here for more information.


Individual stories as audio enhance downloadable PDF files that will be sent directly to your email  address. As with all our material these files contain guidance for adults. PDF: Click Here for more information.


Student Story Books that each contains 8-12 age appropriate fables addressing various “issues. These fables include worksheets, a quiz, real word applications and more. PDF: Click Here for more information.


Adult Teaching Manuals are matched to the various Student books and are designed to let you be the “expert” by providing guidance on how to use the material. PDF: Click Here for more information.


Topic Specific” audio enhanced ebooks on a computer disk. These CDs contain fables from various student books that address a specific significant issue such as Bullying. PDF: Click Here for more information.


Affiliate Organization Membership is available to schools, clinics and other organizations that would like to be able to offer these Fables to their parents and clients at no cost to them. Click Here for more information.


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"The Adventures of Cosmos Crow"

These 50 Therapeutic Fables will help teach effective cognitive (thinking) coping skills because:

"If a Child"

If your child thinks they can't succeed, they won't.

If your child thinks that others will never like them, they won't.

If your child thinks that school is worthless, it is.

If your child thinks that play is more important than study, it is.

If your child thinks that doing drugs will make life better, they will.

If your child thinks that dropping out of school is cool, they will.

And as long as they think that way, you can't bribe, scare

or punish them enough to keep it from happening.    

You have to help them learn the skills of “Good Thinking”

Coping Skills LLC Presents

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